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Festive opera night

Join us at our Festive Opera Night on Sunday 11th December.

Things are about to get magical at The Proud Sicilian. Not just for Christmas, but believe us when we say that it's something that will brighten up your nights, quite literally. We'll tell you more about this soon. But for's everything you need to know about our upcoming Festive Opera Night.

Expect a unique dining experience like no other. Talented musicians Opera Mirage will be bringing the very best opera music to grace the walls of The Proud Sicilian with their sopranos, flutes and pianist.


This is your chance to get yourself into the festive spirit but without having to put yourself through another Turkey dinner. You can look forward to hearing your favourite Christmas songs but with an opera twist, all whilst graciously enjoying our Sicilian dishes.


Our Festive Opera Night will be commencing from around 5pm on Sunday 11th December so we advise securing your table in advance. 

Ticket price £8.50 per person. (To be added on to your bill on the night)

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