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A Spotlight on Sicilian Treats

Updated: May 4, 2022

A cool Sicilian breakfast

Any visit to Italy, but especially Sicily must include an exploration of the sweet treats on offer.

To say the Sicilians have a sweet tooth is a massive understatement. This is an island where all our childhood fantasies come to life including, eating ice cream for breakfast – YES, IT’S A THING!

More commonly eaten in the summer months a ‘Granita’ (a naturally fruit flavoured sorbet/ice cream) is served with a sweet brioche - delish, very different and definitely worth a try.

These we serve at The Proud Sicilian from May to September, and as many of our customers have found there’s really nothing that can compete with this light and refreshing Sicilian breakfast.

As well as selling these mouth-watering pastries, desserts and gelato on-premises, The Proud Sicilian also sells these online through our Pantry and Shop. We make these authentic delicacies both in-house and import them from Italy.

Desserts to die for

Having now established the Sicilian’s sweet tooth is it really any surprise, that this only scratches the surface of what sweet delicacies the Island has to offer.

Here we’ll shine the light on two of the most popular Sicilian sweet treats:

1) Cannoli (often mispronounced or confused with Cannelloni)

Caution: These must be eaten by hand, etiquette and decorum must be left at the front door. Please avoid on first dates.

OMG - if you’ve not tried them, these will blow your mind. Tube shaped shells of fried pastry dough, deep filled with creamy ricotta. At The Proud Sicilian we make our own and offer the larger more traditional style Cannoli in two different flavours; pistachio and walnut or lemon and chocolate. These can be ordered online or over the phone. These larger Cannoli add that special touch to any lunch/dinner party dessert or special event and will leave guests wanting more!

We also have a ‘mignon’ selection of pastries which include bite size cannoli. We recently had a request for a few trays of these for a buffet style (finger food) type gathering. The customer told us that their guests were raving about them, and the other mini dessert selection didn’t get a look in.

2) Sfogliattela or Aragostine

If you think Cannoli are fun to eat then aragostine take it to a whole new level but let me assure you, you won’t leave a crumb.

These absurdly flaky, wondrously crunchy pastries are formed into little shell-like lobster tail shapes (Aragosta in Italian means Lobster). The shells are then piped with a rich cream filling before being baked to perfection. The Proud Sicilian offers zesty lemon, hazelnut, or pistachio. These are super moreish and are perfect for a business breakfast, a cream tea party, or an extremely indulgent office coffee break.

Let us surprise you, help you impress and discover something truly scrumptious.


Shop our full range of desserts and confectionery here.

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