This is a quality Mini Panettone without candied fruit made by Dal Colle in Verona. It features a soft, fragrant dough which is rich in butter, eggs and sultanas. The Panettone comes packaged in a designer box with handle. Best price/quality option this year!

D&G Mini Panettone Tins

SKU: D&G Mini Panettone Tins
  • Ingredients:.

    Sultana raisins 26%, Wheat flour, Eggs, Butter (milk), Sugar, Emulsifiers: Mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, Water, Eggs yolk, Natural yeast 1.4% (Contains Wheat), Glucose syrup, Salt, Skimmed milk powder, Natural flavourings. May contain Peanuts, Tre nuts, Soya and sesame.

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